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Author: Santhosh Kumar

Is ‘VOICE’ really taking over ‘TEXT’?

is voice really taking over text Is 'VOICE' really taking over 'TEXT'? The art of communication with machines(computers) is evolving pretty fast. Artificial intelligence has made way for machine learning and deep learning, the results are mind-blowing. Decades past, Artificial Intelligence was a closed subject and was held tight under the wraps of MIT and military agencies. But the past few years things have changed. The Internet brought it all....
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SMS, EMAIL and Voice Campaign – All-in-one platform that allows you to discover, organize, and communicate with your leads and enables you to build personally targeted campaigns in minutes. Empower your audience with the choice of electing how they like to be contacted with Redtie’s multi-channel campaigns. Sign Up and find out what “Redtie” can…

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No matter what you’re #selling, no matter what your #company does, #video is the #future of #contentmarketing. #Animatedvideo is an #engaging instrument that can help you tell your #story more #comprehensively. Video is a powerful #marketing #tool, and animation is a #trending video type you don’t want to miss on. Sign Up and find out…

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How to Build a Business Using Social Media?

Running a business is more than setting up a #website, google analytics, and #digitalmarketing. All of these things are super important for growing your #brand, gaining an #audience, and getting your voice heard. #SocialMedia platforms are the absolute best way to promote your brand. Sign Up and find out what “Redtie” can do for your…

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#Leads are the qualified prospects who can become #customers of your #brand. Simply building your site is no guarantee that prospects will come and engage with it, and it won’t be a good source for lead generation if there are no #visitors. Sign Up and find out what “#Redtie” can do for your #business. www.getredtie.com

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