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Author: Bino

Omnichannel Communications | Redtie

omnichannel communications

What’s Redtie? Redtie is an Omnichannel Communications Platform that unifies external electronic communications across email, SMS, voice, social, chat, web and mobile. Redtie can be used as a stand-alone web / mobile web app, or integrated into existing mobile apps and enterprise workflows and use cases. Sign Up and find out what “Redtie” can do for…

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Text Marketing

text marketing

  It’s pretty clear that every message you send out is going to be read by your customers – which means that text message is incredibly powerful. So, how does a business like yours could leverage its benefits? The answer is Redtie’s Text Channel which allows you to send text messages from its web interface…

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Redtie Version 3.0

communication assistant redtie Redtie Version 3.0 Communication assistant for your business Communicating seamlessly as required with customers is essential for consistent business growth since engagement drives a business in customer acquisition momentarily. But, how well is your business communication organized? Even if you have a great product, an effective customer communication engine is a key factor for a...
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Text Channel

redtie text channel Redtie's Text Channel | Omnichannel Messaging Platform   It’s 2019 and still surprising that text holds the title as the most successful communications channel of all time. Why text is still a popular communication channel for businesses?     The point is that people keep their phones handy and are always ready to use them...
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Video Marketing | Redtie – Omnichannel Messaging Platform

video marketing

Why your business should use video marketing | Redtie – Omnichannel Messaging Platform According to statistics, 63% of businesses have started using video marketing. Out of those 82% of businesses feel video marketing is an important part of their strategy. The video is progressing rapidly and will reach new heights sooner than we think. This trend…

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