The 25 best new apps of 2018

Just when you thought there weren’t any more apps worth downloading, along comes 2018 with plenty of fresh ideas. Some of these apps first appeared this year, while others are significant upgrades. Either way, they’ll all help you make better use of your phone, tablet, or computer.

Boost Your Productivity

Gmail gets with the times

Sweeping product redesigns are always polarizing, but the new Gmail, the first overhaul in five years, weathered the storm by packing in loads of new features. Now you can manage emails and view attachments with one click from the inbox, and there’s a universal “snooze” function that works across desktop and mobile.

Unlocking iOS’s potential

Eighteen months after acquiring the iPhone/iPad automation app Workflow, Apple launched a beefed-up version called Shortcuts, which lets you set up multi-step routines to get things done faster. The best way to get started is to activate some ready-made Shortcuts, such as the YouTube video downloader and instant collage creator.

The educational browser
While DuckDuckGo is best-known for its anti-tracking search engine, its mobile web browser and desktop browser extension is even more useful. For every website you visit, DuckDuckGo provides a letter grade based on the site’s tracker use, encryption practices, and privacy policies.

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Source: Fast Company