Why email continues to be one of the most preferred channels to promote brands and generate sales?

True, isn’t it? There are numerous digital communication channels that evolved in the present digital transformation era and still, email continues to be one of the most preferred channels to reach out to the audience.

A few years ago, some of the finest technology and communication experts predicted falsely that email marketing would die, it never happened, it continues to be an attractive and effective tool in engaging audiences. Its performance and multipurpose services fascinate marketers at the same time it’s challenging as well to keep up with the pace and change in dynamics of its performance parameters.

Few things that every email marketer need to keep doing consistently.

Audience Segmentation

The process of grouping your email contacts per their need and other demography should be an ongoing process. In other words, purification of your database to well defined targeted audiences and underlying subcategories. The personas of the audience in the subcategories pave the way to fine-tune targeting, focus the right ad content, subsequently should increase your email marketing engagement. This is the way out to devise new engagement opportunities.

Deeply segmented subcategories will enable you to better connect with newer audience members than your earlier campaign attempts. You could end up sending quality emails and be rewarded with better engagement and sales results. This is simply known as the ROI based efficient persona profile development for your subgroups. It is important to sync what you offer in your email campaign to right person group members. The idea is to keep up with new developments on both sides and this guarantees to maintain customer connections and generate sales.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs for email marketers is a must, sans measurement, you are in the dark and never going to be seeing the light. These should always be monitored closely with modern tools and assessed periodically. Tracking down the KPIs deep and upticking its performance is the ultimate way out for sales. Benchmarking the sales goals and keep seeking alternatives to further uptick performance.


Automate your campaigns

Redtie allows a marketer to smartly schedule their campaigns, to make sure the email is delivered to the right audience at the right point of time. Wouldn’t you love to have a tool that simply helps you in better open or click-through rate?

Review what processes you are using to develop and implement your email campaigns over this fully evaluated tool to suit your current processes and setup; changes in procedures, utilization or technical resources, this can lead to significant operational, sales and ROI improvements.

Don’t ignore From Opt-outs

Opt-outs is just another way to learn and re-strategize your campaigns. Request politely with minimum data fields that why they opted out. It is truly a great way to what is wrong and how to correct it on the campaign. Here lies the importance of making people know about what you offer via other ways such as social media or website follows and subscriber channels, which may start with an email but continue on in other digital venues. Be sure your offer or content features touches all these verticals to provide your organization and the audience ways to continue to be connected outside of the email channel.

Stay updated and be relevant

Almost every business is continually changing. Develop and share content specifically relevant to your audience aligned with current events, new developments and your products/services. Use them to make the connection between the industry, the customer and your company; position your offerings as timely solutions to their needs.

Trending topic examples can be aligned to numerous industry sectors (retail, real estate, health-care, etc.,). As these industries evolve; wide and narrow audience segments value timely updates enabling your company to be recognized as a front runner with answers to their challenges triggered by industry change.

Change Up Your Approach

A good email marketing strategy does not always include an offer, sale or other promotion. Informational content can be shared with your targeted audience and lead to sales without a “pitch”. The content can demonstrate your organization’s leadership/knowledge in a particular area; it is important to establish positive notoriety, professional credibility in any business sector.

Review the last 6–12 months of emails your organization has shared with a particular segment; if they are all “pitch-focused” with diminishing returns, it’s a good indicator you are fatiguing your audience and need to change up content to more effectively engage them. There is always a strong push for more sales and it’s easy to overlook redundant approaches which audiences will eventually associate with spam. Choosing a “non-pitch” approach to change things up is a good consideration. Personalize messaging whenever possible to reinforce audience engagement.


Mobile-friendly campaigns are part of successful email marketing strategy formulas which can also enhance non-mobile venue engagement. Content should be easily viewed/scrolled, quickly understood and acted upon through touchpoint features. Fortify your email / digital marketing with trigger email features pivoting on audience interaction is an example. Maximize quality design and content attributes to minimize steps and optimize messaging. So processes are convenient for the audience to respond to favorably which increases direct sales, lead generation, and other revenue-positive engagement opportunities.

Security / Privacy

All email marketing initiatives need to consider security and privacy. Be certain security updates in your systems and applications are up-to-date and installed as soon as possible when they become available. Take maximum precautions to ensure your audience and your organization are as protected as possible. Likewise, always be cognizant and fully compliant with any privacy standards which apply. Security and privacy issues are at the forefront of our Internet society and their significance is highly magnified in all business sectors.

Next Steps

These 8 action steps are only the beginning. Connect them with your present and future email marketing initiatives to build engagement, sales, and ROI. The more effectively your email marketing is executed will not only strengthen your position but also provide more encouragement for your trusted audience to disregard those from competitors.

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